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Jim Van Arsdale
Account Executive
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Stearns Financial Group designs and administers supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs) specifically for tax-exempt organizations. For more than 25 years, we have successfully served the credit union industry and now also support healthcare institutions, higher education and other high-performance non-profits.

Our plans, often collateral assignment split dollar life insurance, are uniquely tailored for each executive and start with the client’s mission and goals in mind. Results are typically little to no accounting cost, favorable reporting, and tax-free withdrawals for the executive. These plans are highly effective in recruitment, retention and recognition of key executives in organizations. Leverage our expertise to better serve your tax-exempt clients.


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About Stearns Financial

How CASD Plans Work

  • retention


    Modem non-profits an compensation, retention, and retirement with mission to create meaningful supplemental executive benefit plans that are appropriate for your organization.

  • Yield


    Serving your community for generations requires financial stewardship to drive innovative capital growth aligned with mission and intent.

  • Yield-


    The challenge of developing and transitioning leaders during succession is met with incentives created around critical career timeline points.

Our Mission & Our Process

Your organization serves an important role in your community, our job is to understand that role, and help you achieve your mission now and through future executive teams and boards. Our client organizations use our expertise to design, implement, and administer supplemental executive retirement & retention plans that focus on financial and tax efficiency. The result is increased focus on community, leadership continuity, financial stability, and commitment to mission.



Service, Benefits
& Solutions

Strains Financial is Composed of 0rginators in non-profit Supplemental Executive Retirement Plane who have been innovating plans and leading compliance since 1991. We have retrained focused and everything we do revolves around the talent retention, incentives and financial needs of our clients.

Leverage our expertise to drive yield, supplement
retirement, and optimize retention and succession



how we work


How We Work

Mission Driven & Fiscally Aligned

Our plans are different because we use process as the driver to achieve effective design making each plan unique to your organization. Because each plan is driven by your organization's mission, vision, goals, and intent the plan aligns strategically and reputationally. When disclosed in a 990 or published in a report your plan should make your community, stakeholders, members, alumni, or constituents feel confident in your organization's leadership. The resulting plan that is implemented fits into your core values as an organization and fosters financial stewardship.