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The webinar is brought to you by
NAIFA Advocacy

Members Only: Pre-Election Webinar

October 27, 2020

2 pm Eastern

Join NAIFA's Government Relations team as they provide you with useful information before you cast your vote.

We will be covering the status of the elections,
various possible outcomes, and engage in a  discussion of what that might mean for our industry (including the issues important to NAIFA members).  Special appearances by NAIFA counsel, Dani Kehoe and Pat Raffaniello.

Registration: In the NAIFA Member portal, access the webinar from the "Advocacy" menu and select the webinar.

Mike Pepe Greg Babcock
Dex 8-26-15 kenleibow
The webinar is brought to you by
Business Performance Center

Get In or Get Out: The Compounding Complexities of Succession Planning During Tumultuous Times

Mike Pepe
Greg Babcock
Oswald Companies
Vice President & Practice Leader
Dexter Umekubo
Producers XL
Managing Director
Ken Leibow
InsurTech Express
Founder, Chairman and CEO

October 28, 2020

12 pm eastern

At some point in your career as a life insurance advisor, you’ll need to face the decision of how to exit the business. There are many layers of complexity around the idea of succession planning and valuing your practice, and those complexities only worsen when the world around us is in sheer chaos.

In this webinar, our panelists will help simplify some of these complexities and share their best practices for successfully transitioning out of the business, regardless of global instability. They will offer ideas on how you can evaluate your book and strike a fair deal relative to your book’s value and your lifetime of relationship building and caring for your clients.

Join us to learn more; succession planning doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it may seem.

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Q4 State of NAIFA

The webinar is brought to you by

Q4 State of NAIFA Webinar

Cammie Scott
Tracy Jones
Grassroots Chair
Mimie Yoon-Lee
Delvin Joyce

November 3, 2020

12 pm eastern

We have finally reached the final quarter of 2020. We have navigated this unprecedented year together.  Join our NAIFA Leaders for the Q4 State of NAIFA meeting to reflect back on 2020 and look forward to 2021 when we present the new strategic plan.


Jilenne Gunther

The webinar is brought to you by

Members Only: Empower Advisors & Fight Exploitation

Jilenne Gunther, MSW, JD
National Director of BankSafe

November 5, 2020

2 pm eastern

Learn about AARP’s BankSafe training—a free, award-winning online platform that helps financial advisors identify potential financial exploitation and take actions to stop the money before it leaves the account. Get a sneak peek of the training’s interactive learning modules and tools, including games, interactive videos, real-life scenarios and more.

Registration: In the NAIFA Member portal, access the AARP/BankSafe page under "Partners" to register for this webinar.


Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies: 50th Anniversary Conference

November 6, 2020

9 am-5pm eastern

NAIFA's Advocacy Partner, LAAIA holds their 50th Annual Convention virtually with a fully immersive online experience.  The LAAIA will go beyond broadcasting content sessions. This year’s convention will bring all attendees together no matter where they are physically with connection, energy, personality, and excitement as done in year’s past.

Join sessions with speakers, in-person video chat capabilities with exhibitors, scheduling of appointments with other like-minded individuals, mixology happy hour and so much more! 


The webinar is brought to you by
Limited & Extended Care Planning Center

Impact Week: Long Term Care

November 10-12, 2020

12-3 pm eastern

November is Long Term Care Awareness month.  Join us three hours a day over the course of three days.  Hear from LTC experts about this rapidly changing industry. 


The webinar is brought to you by

Members Only: Building Relationships in a New Congress

November 11, 2020

2 PM eastern

With the 117th Congress quickly approaching, the freshman classes of the House and Senate are preparing to take their place in Washington, DC. Join members of NAIFA's National Grassroots Committee and NAIFA Grassroots Director Maggie Buneo to learn more about developing relationships with newly elected legislators, becoming a trusted resource for your member of Congress, and getting your foot in the door early to advocate for your industry and your clients.


Registration: In the NAIFA Member portal, access the webinar from the "Advocacy" menu and select the webinar.

Delvin Joyce

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NAIFA Live logo

Members Only: NAIFA LIVE: Sticktoitiveness

Delvin Joyce, CLU, ChFC, RICP
Prosperity Wealth Group
Financial Planner

November 12, 2020

2 pm eastern

Former NFL player turned financial planner, Delvin Joyce will share seven lessons that he learned through athletics that helped him to successfully transition into the financial services industry. Sticktoitiveness will provide insights on overcoming adversity, creating a personal brand and goal setting.  In addition, Delvin will provide book recommendations that you can use to further your development. 

Registration: In the NAIFA Member portal, access the webinar from the "Calendar" menu and select "NAIFA Live."

NAIFA membership

The Belong Event

November 17, 2020

7:30 pm eastern

Join your fellow members for camaraderie and celebration of all things NAIFA that will continue our legacy for another 130 years. The event will honor of all of our volunteer leaders, past and present. 

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The webinar is brought to you by

Members Only: Post-Election Webinar

November 19, 2020

2 pm eastern

The votes have been cast and we know who will be leading our country from who the President will be for the next four years and what the 117th Congress will look like.  Join NAIFA's Government Relations team to discuss what the results mean for the industry and your clients.

Registration: In the NAIFA Member portal, access the webinar from the "Advocacy" menu and select the webinar.

NAILBA30 Engage

November 19, 2020-February 21, 2021

NAIFA's Advocacy Partner, NAILBA, goes virtual for 2020. Microlearning at its finest. In this era of busy schedules and short attention spans, microlearning is a near-perfect training model. 15 minute interviews, 30 minute panel discussions, 45 minute keynote sessions. 

NAILBA Engage will feature both live and on-demand events on key business topics to help your business soar.




Bill Comfort

The webinar is brought to you by
NAIFA's Limited & Extended Care Planning Center

CLTC Master Class

Bill Comfort, CSA, CLTC, LTCCP
Comfort Long Term Care

December 1, 3, 8 & 10, 2020

12-4 pm eastern

The December class to receive your CLTC is now enrolling. Spend four weeks in a CLTC virtual Master Class to learn the topics and then sit for your exam virtually to gain a new designation. Be confident in your knowledge of long term care options.

This special class is for NAIFA members, so be sure to use the NAIFA code when registering. CLTC for NAIFA is brought to members from the Limited & Extended Care Planning Center.