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Together We Grow!

According to National Mentoring Day, which is celebrated on October 27th each year, 97% of those who have a mentor find the relationship to be immensely valuable, and entrepreneurs are twice as likely to succeed if they have a mentor.

That is why we launched the NAIFA Mentor Loop in 2023, our exclusive member benefit that matches mentors and mentees while providing a structured and supportive framework.

In the initial roll-out phase, 25 pairs of mentors and mentees were matched, utilizing a carefully curated set of criteria to ensure their success. After a successful launch, we have now expanded the program and are seeking 25 new pairs!

While anyone in NAIFA is eligible, mentors should have at least 10-15 years of experience in the industry, while preference will be given to mentees who are the newest to the business. Best of all, there is no additional cost to this NAIFA member benefit.

Once you have completed the sign-up form through our Mentorloop system, our team will work to match mentors and mentees and keep you appraised of our progress. As we have a limited number of seats available and need to have sufficient mentors and mentees available, it is possible that not everyone desiring to be matched will be. By signing up to be a mentor or mentee, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of our NAIFA Mentor Loop User Agreement. However, we pledge to do our very best to find mentors/mentees for all of those interested as the program continues to expand.

Sign Up to Be A Mentor or Mentee

Questions? Please email our Program Coordinator team at mentoring@naifa.org.