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LifeSecure Provides a Different Kind of Insurance Experience

Insurance can be complicated. At LifeSecure, we believe it should be easy to understand, effortless to buy and sell, and simple to use.


Our straightforward products, innovative online sales platform, and superior customer service provide a different kind of insurance experience and help create a better future for our customers. For your clients, it means simple and affordable solutions to protect their health and finances. For you, it’s providing the support you need to efficiently manage and grow your business.


As we like to say, LifeSecure can help you see insurance differently.

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Safeguard your clients’ health and finances



Cash benefits based on actual medical expenses for covered accidental injuries, regardless of any other insurance
Support when it’s needed the most in the form of a lump-sum payment upon the diagnosis of a covered serious disease
Hospital Indemnity
Benefits to help provide relief from unexpected expenses and help with recovery following a qualified hospital stay
Final Expense
Financial support for end of life expenses, such as funeral & burial costs, medical bills and debt
Term Life
Financial support to help loved ones replace lost income, make mortgage payments, protect a family business and more
Worksite LTCi
Supports a range of personal care options, whether at home or in a facility when a higher level of care is needed

We’re here to help

The folks at LifeSecure are very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Very nice people to work with.

Appointed with Lifesecure since 2019

We’re easy to work with

The products are competitive and LifeSecure is a very easy company to do business with.

Appointed with Lifesecure since 2018

We keep things simple

LifeSecure keeps everything simple and easy.

Appointed with Lifesecure since 2019

We’re here to help

LifeSecure is very helpful with everything and representatives are always there when we need them. The Sales team takes the time to teach us everything we need to know and claims are paid quickly.

Appointed with Lifesecure since 2021