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  • Grassroots Training: NAIFA is proud to have the largest grassroots program in the financial services industry. Very few people have an in-depth understanding of how bills become law, how regulations are developed and enacted, and how leaders actually become elected. If you can relate to this description, then NAIFA's Grassroots Engagement Training Series course is for you.
    The three-part series will take you from the fundamentals of advocacy and step
    you through an at-your-own pace series to allow you to graduate to advanced concepts and develop skills that you can put into action with confidence.
  • Advocacy Guide: Grassroots: It’s our job to make sure members of Congress, state legislators, and regulators who hold the fate of our business in their hands, understand the real-life consequences of legislation under consideration. Coupled with the high turnover that takes place each election year, these factors create a continuous and critical need for educating our elected officials on our issues. The Grassroots section of the Advocacy guide walks you thru all you need to know.


  • GR Webinars


  • Congressional Conference: NAIFA’s annual fly-in called Congressional Conference is crucial to our grassroots advocacy strategy. The event brings insurance and financial professionals together as a critical mass to advocate on behalf of their businesses, clients, consumers, and the insurance and financial services industry. 


  • Advocacy Handbook: IFAPAC: All of your IFAPAC questions and resources in one place. Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee (IFAPAC) is the political advocacy arm of NAIFA. Because NAIFA and similar organizations are prohibited by law from making political contributions, IFAPAC was created to allow contributors to combine their financial support to candidates who understand and are supportive of NAIFA’s legislative priorities. 
  • IFAPAC Newsletter is distributed to IFAPAC leaders on the 15th of each month.
  • IFAPAC Events: Throughout the year, IFAPAC sponsors Main Street Mixers and Sips & Tips. Main Street Mixers provide an opportunity for members to come together and virtually engage with fun and games. Sips & Tips features specialty drinks and recipes to try at home, all in the name of IFAPAC.


  • Advocacy Action Center provides you with the tools to contact your state and federal legislators on a variety of issues, as well as learn more about the bills in the House and Senate that NAIFA Government Relations is monitoring.
  • Grassroots InvolvementThroughout the year members of Congress travel home to their districts to spend time with their constituents.  This makes for an ideal time to meet up with your legislator and educate them on our industry and the work that you do to help your clients, their constituents.  Find resources for your meetings here.
  • Take Action: NAIFA provides you with the tools to contact your legislators on a variety of issues on the state and federal levels that NAIFA Government Relations is monitoring.  Please note, if there are no state alerts listed there are no active alerts for your state legislature at this time.