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Total Hipaa Compliance

Total HIPPA Compliance



contact Information

Total HIPAA Compliance
920 Paverstone Dr
Suite B
Raleigh, NC 27615


Total HIPAA Compliance prepares health insurance agents, HR professionals, Privacy and Security Officers, healthcare professionals and subcontractors of Business Associates to meet federally mandated HIPAA compliance regulations. With more than 100 years of combined regulatory, educational, professional management and healthcare experience, our staff prepares and delivers educational products and communications training in a variety of media that best meets the needs of individual learners.

HIPAA/HITECH training (Privacy and Security) and culture change management are our areas of concentration. When creating multi-media training products, we collaborate with prominent health law and business attorneys and e-health consultants so that the materials we offer are accurate and up-to-date. NAIFA Members are eligible for 10% off all products, including HIPAA 2.0 for Agents and Brokers. Call 1 800-344-6381 and mention "NAIFA10" to receive your 10% member discount. You can order online at www.TotalHIPAA.com with the same discount code.

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