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Total Administrative Services Corporation
2302 International Lane
Madison, WI 53704

Sales Team


TASC started in 1975 with a simple, yet innovative idea of enabling small businesses to reap the same tax-advantages as larger companies.

After 45 years in business, we have become a leading TPA serving more than 80,000 customers ranging from small family-owned businesses to large corporations with thousands of employees across the nation. We are blazing new trails with a one-of-a-kind, industry first, instantly configurable benefits cloud platform known as TASC Universal Benefit Account®.

TASC Universal Benefit Account is designed around how people think, rather than overcomplicated rules and regulations. A few of the key benefits of the Universal Benefit Account for your clients include:

  • Over 50 integrated benefit account options
  • One website, one mobile app, and one TASC card for all benefit accounts
  • Instant configurability to create custom plans with the ability to easily switch accounts at any time

TASC’s Universal Benefit Account can also help your business flourish and stand out
Attract, engage, retain, and grow your clients by providing them with a one-of-a-kind benefits solution that grows and adapts right along with their business. Whether your client needs a traditional solution like an FSA, HSA, or HRA or custom plans with more unique benefits like tuition and loan reimbursement, bicycle reimbursement, or home office reimbursement we have you covered.

When nearly any benefit need can be met, participants are more involved, leading to increased engagement, enrollment, contributions, and savings.

Better still, we go the extra mile to reduce client risk and deliver peace of mind, by including Audit Guarantee and Hold Harmless protection. *

Please call Sales at 888.595.2261 (Option 1) to learn more or schedule a demo.


* Please see TASC’s Universal Benefit Account terms of use for further information, and any restrictions or limitations that may apply.


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