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Serve Your Association Colleagues as NAIFA Secretary or a Trustee


NAIFA members who sit on the National Board of Trustees are either nominated and approved by the Governance Committee or appointed by the Committee. Members typically rise through the chairs at the local and then state levels before being selected to the National Board of Trustees.

Additionally, the Secretary position is one that the Governance Committee selects and will be the future President after moving from Secretary to President-Elect to President.

The Board of Trustees' purpose is to provide oversight of the membership of NAIFA, provide visionary direction to the CEO, and interface with volunteer leadership.

The Governance Committee will begin accepting applications for the 2025 NAIFA National Board of Trustees and/or Secretary from February 15, 2024 to May 31, 2024. Please email the completed form to candidate@naifa.org.  

The Governance Committee no longer accepts letters of recommendation and asks that both the committee and the candidates keep their application for Trustee or Secretary confidential during the entire selection process.

Download the NAIFA Board of Trustees/Secretary Application Form.