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Southern Medical Association

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Contact Information

Southern Medical Association
3500 Blue Lake Drive
Suite 360

Birmingham, AL 35243
Toll Free: 800-423-4992
Telephone: 205-945-1840
Fax: 205-945-1830

Mark Massey

Elizabeth Schaffer
(800) 423-4992 ext. 109





Though we’re called the Southern Medical Association, SMA’s reach extends far beyond the American Southeast. With thousands of members spread across 46 states, we are a truly national organization.

Our primary mission is to improve the quality of patient care, and we do that in two important ways. First, we provide continuing education and educational support for our members. Secondly, we provide resources and services to simplify the business side of medicine. By helping practitioners achieve financial stability, we help ease a lot of the stress that comes with the practice of medicine — so that physicians can stay focused on their patients above all else.

Our approach ensures support for physicians at every stage of their career from educational needs of medical students and as they move into residency, unique financial services, and then, when they make the leap to solo, group, or hospital practice, we provide a portfolio of personal and professional resources that anticipates their every need.

Focus areas include:

To see what else we offer, please visit us at sma.org. We do it all, and all at a significant discount to our members.

We’re proud of the trust our members have placed in us. They know that when they purchase one of our services, they’re getting more than a business solution — they’re gaining access to a world of benefits. But more importantly, they’re getting our word; a word we’ve kept for more than a century.

Great Resources

from SMA

Retirement 101: Starting a 401k and What You Need to Know

Listen on SMA's  The Business of Medicine Podcast

Understanding Fees in Your 401k Plan: For Plan Sponsors

Listen on SMA's  The Business of Medicine Podcast

Disability Insurance: Group vs Individual Disability Insurance

Listen on SMA's  The Business of Medicine Podcast

Download White Papers from SMA Services

  • Various Types of Retirement Audits: Is Your Plan Affected?
  • Timely Deposits of Participant 401(k) Plan Contributions Now More Important Than Ever

Know Who You’re Working With

Disability Insurance for Individual

Protect one of your most valuable resources — your income. As an SMA Member, you get a 15% association member discount on your policy. Our goal is to make certain you have a policy that fits your needs, fits your budget, and stays with you wherever you go. Group disability through your employer is an excellent benefit, but it is usually limited in how much it provides for you when you need it most.

TPA and 401k

Is your employer-sponsored retirement plan meeting all your needs? Is it still in compliance?

Get a complimentary, no-obligation review of your company retirement plan by our in house ERISA attorney. Learn how to improve your plan’s effectiveness for both you and your employees, and possibly even lower your costs.

Property & Casualty

Protecting a company’s assets is one of the top priorities of administrators. Managing risks in the most cost-effective way can only be done by consulting with professionals to identify existing and emerging risks, and then taking the proper steps to acquire the appropriate insurance coverage. Through our independent professional and traditional lines marketing process we procure offers from multiple highly rated insurance carriers. This gives your practice the coverage you need, with premiums that reduce our members’ overhead.