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Michelle Davis
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Proformex is the leading inforce management platform offering data aggregation, analytics, and portfolio monitoring for life insurance and annuities. The platform is purpose-built to help advisors, GAs/BGAs, IMOs, financial institutions, settlement companies, and broker-dealers protect their clients’ best interest and ensure regulatory compliance by monitoring individual policy performance, identifying at-risk policies, and uncovering new sales opportunities. Our automated solutions make inforce management more efficient, more profitable, and results in better experiences for policy owners. To learn more about Proformex at: https://www.proformex.com/


On-Demand Webinars

The Compounding Complexities of Succession Planning During Tumultuous Times

At some point in your career as a life insurance advisor, you’ll need to face the decision of how to exit the business. There are many layers of complexity around the idea of succession planning and valuing your practice, and those complexities only worsen when the world around us is in sheer chaos.


Leveraging Technology to Identify Policyowners Who Truly Benefit from Life Settlement

One of the biggest takeaways from this year’s new regulatory measures regarding client service is that your approach needs to be proactive and comprehensive. It is not enough to comply to the lowest common denominator; you must establish compliance in all facets of your client relationships.


Premium Financing: A Win for You and Your Clients

Premium Financing is a powerful tool when leveraged correctly. But before you can utilize premium financing for one of your clients, you have to know how to spot good opportunities for it.



Life Insurance Awareness Month: Educating & Empowering Policy Owners

A roundtable discussion with Mike Pepe, Founder of Proformex; Marc Byrnes, Chairman Emeritus of Oswald Companies; Ken Leibow, CEO, Founder & Chairman of InsurTechExpress; and Ryan Pinney, President of Pinney Insurance.

Hosted by David Morris, Chief Marketing Officer of Proformex, the discussion encompasses various perspectives of the industry’s past, present and future, taking into account how COVID-19 has affected the way we do business currently, and how that might affect things to come.

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The New Normal in a Disrupted World
(White Paper)

Download Proformex's white paper on what the life insurance world looks like amidst COVID-19.

Download White Paper

7 Reasons Policy Management is Good for You and Your Clients
(White Paper)

Download Proformex's white paper on inforce management and the benefit to advisors and their clients.

Download White Paper