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Linda Ewer

Work with a Local Reverse Mortgage Loan Planner

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (FIMC) has over 3,000 licensed loan officers and 500 branches across the country with more than 900 trained reverse mortgage planners. Over the years, our team has helped thousands of Americans achieve financial security by obtaining a reverse mortgage loan. We understand that your best interest is keeping your clients happy and coming back to you. A reverse mortgage can be an important piece of a sound financial plan for any retiree.  

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How to Talk to Clients & Compliance Officers About Home Equity & Reverse Mortgage Loans in Financial Planning

How do you talk to compliance and clients without getting into trouble!

Speakers:  Harlan Accola & Jamie Hopkins Esq., LLM, MBA, CFP®, RICP®
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Airbags for Retirement Income Planning

Reverse Mortgage Loans & Life Insurance

Speaker: Barry Sacks

Available On-Demand

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The Proof is in the Proposal

Illustrating Home Equity as a Retirement Tool with EquityTrax (by MoneyTrax)

Speaker: Harlan Accola
Available On-Demand

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Airbags for Retirement Income Planning 

Part 2: Sequence of Returns and Silver Divorce

Speaker: Barry Sacks
Available On-Demand

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Mortgage Mindset Changes for Retirees

Can your clients use a reverse mortgage in estate planning to increase the legacy to their heirs?

Speaker: Harlan Accola
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Dispelling Myths About Reverse Mortgages

Building an income plan is complicated work with many what-ifs. Having awareness of potential complications is a critical piece when planning for the unknown. Watch on-demand to learn when a reverse mortgage might make sense for your clients' plans to hedge for obstacles.

Speaker: Harlan Accola CRMP, CSA, Jim Silbernagel, CFP, LUTCF, 
Available On-Demand

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Tax Planning with Home Equity

Join industry leaders for this one-hour discussion on tax planning with home equity.

Speakers: Harlan Accola, CRMP & Barry H. Sacks, PhD, JD
Available On-Demand

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How to Advise Your Clients to Get to the Zero Tax Bracket

Most Americans have saved the majority of their retirement assets in tax-deferred vehicles like 401(k)s and IRAs. But what happens when tax rates go up? How much of your hard-earned money will they really get to keep?

Speakers: Harlan Accola and David McKnight
Available On-Demand

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Why Work with a Fairway Reverse Mortgage Planner?

  1. National In-Person Or Online Conferencing Appointments to meet with you and your customer at times that are convenient for you
  2. All of Fairway’s Reverse Mortgage Planners are highly trained and have a complete understanding of how to design the reverse mortgage transaction in order to best meet the financial needs of each individual borrower
  3. We have comprehensive tools and marketing materials available to you that can explain to your customer how a reverse mortgage works

Article: From Research Theory to Financial Vaccine for COVID-19 Crisis

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Video: Long Term Care

There are 4 very important questions that you will have to answer as soon as something would happen to you such as a broken arm or leg or, of course, a stroke or something that would be debilitating that would immediately cause the need for long term care.

Video: A Reverse Mortgage Loan Documentary

This informative documentary covers true stories from families who used a reverse mortgage in a sensible, smart, and safe way that has enhanced their lives in a life-changing way.

Video: I Should Wait

Many people think that they should wait until they’re older because generally you can get a little bit more money as you get older. But let’s look at the mechanics of when is the best time? Reverse mortgage loan to value, or principle limit factor as we call it, is based on 3 factors.

Video: Ownership & Title

When it comes to REVERSE MORTGAGE we need to look at a couple special things as far as ownership is concerned. Of course many people just simply own a home traditionally with a fee simple or joint ownership but many folks own their homes in a trust. Now there’s only two types of trust: 1) Revocable trust 2) Irrevocable trust


Video: Emotion Vs. Logic

The interesting thing is when people make financial decisions, they often make them emotionally even though numbers are very logical. 2 plus 2 always equals 4 and yet emotion comes into play into almost every financial decision. Now I’ve never seen a situation that has evoked more emotion than a Reverse Mortgage loan.

Video: Three Buckets

The 3 buckets video explains how you can take out a reverse mortgage loan to take the equity out of your home and convert it to usable cash flow.