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Washington, DC on May 19-20, 2020.


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Advisor Solutions

Advisor Solutions with Coach Dan Finley


Daniel Finley
Loyal Member since 2019

Next Session: November 19th

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

No matter what the market does each day, you have a job to do and being effective at your job means conquering common challenges. Whether you are having challenges with anxiety, negative inner dialogue, time management, prospecting, or sales know that you are not alone. All those working in financial services face similar and common challenges.

Advisor Solutions NAIFA Member Tele-seminar Registration Link: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities,  Thursday, November 19, 2020 from 4-5pm ET


About the Advisor Solutions Coaching Sessions:


The NAIFA Advisor Solutions Coaching Package is led by Daniel Finley, President and Co-Founder of Advisor Solutions-the PremierFinancial Advisors Business Consulting and Coaching Service. The following three coaching packages are available for NAIFA Members:


Free NAIFA “Solutions Sessions” 

Each month, NAIFA will feature a different practice management topic and invite the first 50  advisors that register to participate in a one-hour, interactive group coaching session led by Advisor Solutions Coach Daniel C. Finley. Bring your challenge regarding the topic to be discussed in a peer group setting facilitated by an experienced coach. The session will be taped and the podcast will then be archived on the NAIFA website for other interested young advisors to access. Both the coaching session and access to the archived session will be free to NAIFA members. These free teleseminar sessions will take place on the 1st and 4th Thursday of each month at 4 pm ET.

Please look for a monthly email from NAIFA with the registration link for each session.

Creating Your Elevator Speech (Video)
Attracting Referrals (Video)
The 60-Second Market Story (Video)
Managing Your Inner Voice (Video)
The Art of Closing the Sale (Video)

Pipeline & Sales Financial Advisor/Agent Group Coaching Program

The Advisor Solutions Pipeline & Sales Group Coaching Program was created to help advisors and agents from all channels become more AWARE of their challenges, find ACCOUNTABILITY in a peer setting and generate ACTION that will help improve daily performance and positively affect business outcomes.  This is a group coaching program that accelerates the advisor/agent’s learning and role play around specific sales topics, techniques and strategies. Just like anything in life, having a strategy is a must for increasing the probability of success.

This 24 week (6 month) tele-seminar coaching program was created to provide you with tools, camaraderie and ancillary learning. For more information on the Pipeline & Sales Financial Advisor/Agent Group Coaching Program, call 715-262-2040 or visit the Web site.

The S.M.A.R.T Start Financial Advisor Group Coaching Program

The S.M.A.R.T Start Financial Advisor Group Coaching Program which stands for “Systematically Managing Activities Requires Training” accelerates the advisor’s progress by providing a greater focus and awareness of a purposeful action. This 24 week (6 month) tele-seminar coaching program was created to provide you with the  tools, techniques, camaraderie and ancillary learning you need to succeed in the areas of time management, prospecting, sales, relationship building, client servicing, marketing, product knowledge and portfolio management.

Each group will have a customized website for login and course material as well as a message board for questions/answers posed from other members in your group throughout the course. For more information on the S.M.A.R.T Start Financial Advisor Group Coaching Program, call 715-262-2040 or visit the Web site.