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Thank you members for your hard work during this time.

We know that the days are long and times are uncertain. It's times like these that we remember our tagline "Together We Can Take on Anything". We can and we will get through this crisis and continue to work with MainStreet Americans to improve their financial security.

One of the Best Emails

I am so proud of my association with NAIFA and the role we played in bringing reason to the table when my state proposed onerous rule changes.  

As an insurance only "financial professional" I do business under the corporate name, The Best Advisor, Inc. That was a name change four years ago of our C-corp that had been incorporated over 50 years as Simon Kaplan Insurance Agency, Inc. and in business 40 years longer than that as a DBA and then partnership.

In order to use the term, "The Best Advisor," we had to have the Massachusetts Department of Insurance sign off on the name change before the Secretary of State would approve it. We've spent four years rebranding. If we had to stop using the term, "Advisor," it would have been disastrous.

Thank you, NAIFA, for all you do and for including a photo from the hearing. You can just see my head, but that's enough to have bragging rights in my office.


David Kaplan

The Best Advisor, Inc.

950 Highland Av Needham MA 02494


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