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Washington, DC on May 19-20, 2020.


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Advisor Today has the largest circulation among
insurance and financial planning advising magazines. 


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Noticing that You are No Longer
Receiving Emails from NAIFA?

There are a number of reasons that you are not receiving emails from NAIFA, but typically they are: 

  1. You have changed positions and have not updated your email address.
  2. You have one email address on file in our membership database, but have globally opted out receiving email from this address.
  3. You have used a different email on our websites to fill out forms, register for events that is different from what we have on file in our membership database and we don't recognize you as a member.
  4. You thought you were opting out of a specific email type, but instead opted out of everything.

Ways to Re-Engage with email

If you are no longer receiving email from NAIFA, you may have accidentally opted out of all email. As a consumer protective mechanism, NAIFA cannot opt you back into email if you have globally opted out. Only you can provide permission for us to email you again.

To opt-back in, fill out the form below with the email that you want us to send NAIFA email to and note, we use one email as your primary address. If you have an email address such as a New York Life address, but then forward this to another email, our marketing automation system will count this as two separate addresses. It's important that you choose the one email that you wish to get NAIFA mail.

There are 2 ways to opt back into NAIFA email: 

  1. Find an email that we've sent in the past. Go to the footer of the email and choose the link for update your email preferences. There you will see all of the options for email subscriptions. Choose what you want to receive. Note that this email footer is unique to you and you cannot forward this and have others do on your behalf or send as a link for anyone to use. 
  2. Fill out the form below. Once you submit this form, you will receive an email in your inbox to opt back into NAIFA email.